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black dollar cleaning machine

we are the major distributor of the latest automatic laser black dollar cleaning machine  worldwide. we have different types of defaced currency cleaning machine in the market but due to experience in the usage and customers reviews, we have limited our brands to only the Swiss model and the Chinese generic model.we have maintained impeccable integrity in selling very effective and custom made black money cleaning machine to our esteemed customer globally upon their demand.we have two types of black dollars cleaning machine just as stipulated above. the Switzerland model and the Chinese generic model.

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the Switzerland model which is mainly preferred by big currency cleaning companies like ours though is very portable and built in a briefcase which makes it portable and easy to carry about undetected.likewise the Chinese generic model which is mainly used by customers because of its portability and cost. the Chinese generic model is also very effective and can give an output of $10,000,000 on a daily basis. the both come with 5 years warranty and prices are very reasonable. both black dollars cleaning machine types are user-friendly, very efficient and can produce an amazing result in little time. customers are advised to purchase the Chinese generic model due to its cost-effectiveness and output capacity. we can be sent through registered courier service discreetly worldwide without any problem. our customers who seek privacy in their black money cleaning can now comfortably utilize this opportunity to purchase the cleaning machine and clean personally without difficulty. it comes with a user manual instruction and DVD plate for a step by step instruction on its usage through it’s extremely user-friendly. the laser automatic machine has a compartment to refill the latest beny automatic SSD chemical solution.

Automatic Black Money Cleaning Machines in Austria

We are manufacturer and suppliers of all types of black currency cleaning chemicals like super automatic SSD solution z.w.v.8 models reactivation and activation powder, anti-air powder, mercury powder, automatic laser money developer/conversion machines, congeal chemical melting solutions, temperature controllers and automatic BLACK DOLLAR CLEANING MACHINE. We are globally affiliated and certified to introduce the latest automatic SSD solution universal and activation powder preservation technique to preserve and deface large amounts of money eliminating the constant risk posed by criminals and terrorist en route to delivery of the defaced currencies and unlawful interception by hoodlums such as armed robbery and hi-jacking en-route to clients desired locations.

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